Gosaikunda Trekkking complete Guide

Updated on April 24, 2024

Gosaikunda Trek is a short and stunning trekking destination in Nepal. Along with the scenic views, it is also famous among pilgrims from Hindu and Buddhist communities. 

Gosaikunda Trek

Gosaikunda Trek is a short and stunning trekking destination in Nepal. Along with the scenic views, it is also famous among pilgrims from Hindu and Buddhist communities. 

Gosaikunda Lake is situated in the Rasuwa District located at an elevation of 4380m/ 14370ft. According to the ancestors, Gosaikunda is known to be the home of Hindu deities Gauri and Lord Shiva. Gosaikunda Lake is 25.5 meters deep and 4 km long. Altogether there are 108 lakes (Kundas) in this area. The trekkers who have a short period of time in Nepal mainly choose this destination as it is a short trek capturing the beauty of Nepal. On average, it takes around 5 days to complete the Gosaikunda Trek if you are choosing the regular and direct path.

Gosaikunda Trek is quite a short trek and not much costly. The main accommodations in this area are tea houses. You can also spot a glimpse of Ganesh and Langtang Himal from a distance. The Gosaikunda Trek starts with a 7-hour drive from Kathmandu to Dhunche. The next day you will trek to Chandan Bari. From Chandan Bari, it takes a 7-hour a trek to reach Gosaikunda Lake. After enjoying the trek you will be descending the same route. There are many other routes that you can add to this trek. Since the trek difficulty is moderate, most trekkers can easily complete the trek.

Gosaikunda Trek Highlights

Here are some highlights of the Gosaikunda Trek that you might want to know:

  • Visit the popular holy pilgrimage site said to be pierced by lord Shiva.
  • Spectacular view of Mt Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, and Langtang ranges.
  • Trekking along with scenic beauty as well as beautiful floras and faunas.
  • Encounter various wildlife and species passing from Langtang National Park.
  • Exploring various lakes (Kundas).
  • Witnessing the lifestyle of locals and their cultures.

Gosaikunda Trek Trip Overview:

Starting Point: Dhunche

Ending Point: Dhunche

Trek Difficulty: Mild

Trip Days: 5 to 6 days

Best time: Autumn and spring

Accommodation: Lodges and tea house

Maximum altitude: 4380 meters

Where is Gosaikunda Lake?

The holy lake Gosaikund lies in the Langtang National Park. It is situated in the Rasuwa district at an altitude of 4380m/ 14370ft. The Gosaikunda trek begins from Dhunche. The Gosaikunda Lake is 41.5 km from the Kathmandu valley. 

Route to Gosaikunda Trek

The 5-day trek to Gosaikunda begins with a drive of 7 hours to Dhunche from Kathmandu (2030m).  Dhunche is the actual starting point of the trek, it is the headquarter of Rasuwa district. You can spend the evening sightseeing the nearby places interacting with the locals and acknowledging their lifestyle. The official trek begins from Day 2. From Dunche we will head to Deurali which will take around 4 to 5 hours of trek. Then we will head towards Chandanwari which is also called Singompa. The place is named after a famous monastery called Singompa. You can visit the monastery which reflects the tradition and culture of Rasuwa. You can spend the night in the lodge or hotel.

Then come the days when you reach the main destination which is Gosaikunda. It is 5 to 7 hours of trek from Chandanwari. The trail ascends till Cholangiopathy and then to Lauribine. This part of the trek might seem a bit tough. After reaching Gosaikunda Lake, you can explore the nearby lakes and enjoy the jaw-dropping view of Gosaikunda Lake. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountains and gives you the best sunset view. The next day you will descend back to Dhunche following the same route. Finally from Dhunche, you will be driving back to Kathmandu. You can extend your trekking days by adding various destinations that lie near Gosaikunda Lake.
Exploring various aspects and places of Kathmandu valley is always a better option you have for your leisure time. The Gosaikunda trek is a short and tremendous trek that will add glory to your lifetime travel memories.

Permits and Entrance required for Gosaikunda Trek

The Gosaikunda Trek lies inside the Langtang National Park which requires permits to trek. You are highly restricted to attacking or doing any kind of harm to the wild animals and species. 

The trekkers require a permit to enter the Langtang National Park at Dhunche in the army check post. The trekkers need their passports for the permit.

The other permit required is the TIMS permit which is issued by TAAN and costs Rs 3000. The TIMS permit is registered by the trekking agency you choose. Mainly you will require these 2 permits to complete your Gosaikunda Lake Trek.

How difficult is Gosaikunda Trek?

Basically, the trek difficulty in the Gosaikunda trek depends on the weather and modes of transportation. The trek is not difficult compared to other trekking destinations in Nepal.

Somehow some trekkers might get altitude sickness when they climb above 2000 meters. The altitude rises above 2000 meters after we cross Dhunche. You can maintain your health by drinking plenty of water during the trek. Since it is a short trek of 5 days it won’t be difficult for the trekkers.

Other than this the trekking routes are easy enough to continue.

Best time for Gosaikunda Trek

The climate and weather are vital external factors affecting the trek. Here is the favorable time for the Gosaikunda Trek:

Spring (March to May):

It is the time of the year when the forests around Gosaikunda start to bloom with colorful flowers like Rhododendron and Magnolia flowers. Trekking in this season will enhance the trek.

Autumn (September to November):

Autumn is said to be the perfect time for Gosaikunda Trek. During autumn, there is no chance of rain and slippery roads. The maximum temperature goes up to 330 Celsius and goes up to 60celcius in the nighttime. This weather supports your trek fully and makes it comfortable. 

Other Optional Treks from Gosaikunda

You can extend your trekking days by adding various destinations that lie in the Langtang area and connecting with the Gosaikunda Trek. 

Route from Chisapani:

You can extend the trek for 9 days as well. In these 9 days of Gosaikuna Trek, you will trek to Gopte (3440m) from Gosaikunda instead o descending to Dunche. From Ghopte the trail continues to Kutumsang (2621m) with the mesmerizing view o Mt. Dorje. The next day you will leave for Chisopani (2194m) where you descend through the beautiful village of Gul Bhanjyang. Finally, the trek ends with a trek to Sundarijal and a drive to Kathmandu. You will also be able to see the beautiful river streams, dams, and waterfalls in Sundarijal.

Route from Langtang village:

The trek to Gosaikunda can also be extended for 12 days where you can add the Langtang Village route. In this trek, you will head to Lama Hotel (2400m) from Syabrubesi which will take around 5 to 6 hours. From Lama Hotel the trail goes to Langtang village (3450m) which takes you around 5 hours of trek. Continuing the trek, the trail goes to Kyangjin Gompa (3870m) which is around 5 to 6 hours. After visiting Kyanjin Gompa, you will descend back to the Lama Hotel trek to Thulo Syabru, and return back to Kathmandu using the Chisapni route. Descending to Kathmandu follows the route of Sundarijal. 

How long does it take to complete Gosaikuna Trek?

It takes you 5 days on average to complete the Gosaikunda Trek if you have not added any extra destinations in your trekking itinerary.


Is there any ATM service on the Gosaikunda trek?

There is an ATM in Syabrubesi that you can use before starting the trek.

Is any trekking experience required for this trek?

No there is not any particular trekking experience required for this trek but having one is always beneficial. New beginners can also trek to Gosaikunda.

Is there Wi-Fi services during the trek?

Yes, you can find Wi-Fi services in all the hotels and guest houses you stay in during the trek.

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