About Nepal Yoga Trekking

Yoga Trekking might be new term to some people but in Nepalese context it is a simple phenomena as many seekers had travelled in the remote part of this country to practice Yoga for the salvation.Yoga and Nepal are complimentary. Yoga means to unite with the cosmos and the beauty of Nepal automatically (knowingly or unknowingly) tunes the innermost being of the trekker. The first step of the Yoga is to adjust with self and the beauty of this Himalayan nation takes you so deep that you immediately adjust with yourself.

The mountains, winding rivers, waterfalls, streams, lakes, greenery and the snow-capped peaks of this country makes you calm and collected. Meditation happens in this part of the world while trekking. It is subtle but powerful mode of meditation. Due to this reason may seekers travelled in the Himalayas of Nepal where they realized themselves proclaiming “Aham Brahmashmi—I am the cosmos”.

The trekking routes and the religious sites of the country also justify this. The prayer flags, praying wheels, monasteries in the remote mountains, temples, pilgrimage sites simply aware you regarding the only fact of life—Consciousness.

The Monastery of Tengboche, the Shey Gompa in Upper Dopa, Muktinath Temple, monasteries on the way to Everest Base Camp through Jiri etc are the example of Yoga Trekking Trip.

Among these sites Muktinath of Annapurna Region has special recognition. It is such a place where Lord Vishnu (Hindu god) is worshipped by a Buddhist monk following traditional Tibetan Buddhism. This temple is a pure example of consciousness where people visit to give meaning to their life by attaining salvation. 

Useful Information

Regulus designs every Yoga & Meditation tour packages aswell as trekking packages. Do let us know your travel date so that we can manage your itinerary for you selected area in Nepa as per your convenience. As we operate Nepal Yoga & Meditation trip to Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base camp as well.