Province number four envelops Mustang district. Mustang is one of the 75 districts of Nepal which covers an area of 3,573 square kilometers inhabiting around 15,000 people.Mustang region lies in western part of Nepal divided into two parts named Upper Mustang & Lower Mustang. Jomsom is the district headquarters of Mustang Region.

Mustang region is popular for unique culture and traditions. People living in Mustang region still practice Bon Po religion which is bit different from existing Buddhism. Mustang region is a kind of forbidden land with mysteries. The destination (Mustang) is popular for sweet apples, Marpha brandy and Muktinath Temple.

Muktinath is also known as Chhuming-gyatsa in local terms. This temple makes this place so unique that it has been established as a center for social harmony. Muktinath is a common shrine for both the religion—Hindu and Buddhist.

Lord Vishnu is worshipped in Muktinath temple and a Buddhist monk worships the lord following ancient Buddhism rituals. More than 100,000 people from Nepal and India visit Muktinath in Mustang every year. The place shares religions and cultures with the Tibet as it (Muktinath) is in influence of Tibet since the time of yore.

In almost every village of Muktinath there is a monastery which is more than 100 year old. Agriculture and husbandry is the main occupation of the people of this part of the world. Some of them are traders too.

Researcher and scholars define Mustang as mysterious place. The eroded sandstone pillars followed by irregular morain terraces which if combined gives colorful mosaic of earthen red, yellow and brown.

Trekking in Mustang Region is like a walk in forbidden land. Trekkers pass through barren field. It seems wind swept valley where strong wind blow during noon. Mustang region is located in rain shaded area where there is least rainfall. Trek to Mustang is comparatively easy along the permitted route to Lo Manthang which is situated in the heart of Mustang & is the capital of Upper Mustang.

Lo Manthang used to be the capital city of Mustang when it was autonomous region till 1950.  There used be a rule of religion then and king was regarded as the head of the state.

Trekking in Mustang area gives stunning view of Dhaulagiri which stands high at an altitude of 8,167m and Annapurna I at 8,091m. During the trek to Mustang, you will be surrounded by more than 35 mountains of over 6,000m.