Experience in High-Altitude Trekking

A well-established company, the people at Regulus are experts in their respective fields. In the southern plains and in the northern mountains, our guides are always ready to make your trekking in Nepal a memorable one. Booking a trip with us ensures that you are in safe hands. The logistics, permits and the guide you need in Nepal will be handled efficiently without you ever having to go through the papers and the formalities.

Dynamic Team

Our founder has more than ten years of experience in the tourism industry in Nepal. Less cannot be said of our director, our guides in the mountains and our staff at different cities around the world. We are just a click away. Everything that this amazing country has to offer, comes bundled with our experience and our expertise that will make you feel the whole experience easy and natural.

Good Understanding of Terrain and Routes

Geographically, Nepal is a wildly diverse country with unimaginable natural bounty and heritage. While the northern region is one big plain with forests and rivers, the southern region is a natural barrier of mighty mountains. Between these two diverse terrains lie the entire trekking areas in Nepal. With years of exploration, our guides are fit for taking you in these landscapes.

Competitive Prices

Regulus offer great prices that are very competitive around the world and available to you on our full range of tours in Nepal, trekking in Nepal, attractions, and activities.

Regional Support

We have contact offices in different countries around the world. Our well-connected staff in Australia, Europe, USA, and Nepal will answer to you in every situation.

Because We Care

Gone are the days when the trekker herself goes through all the so-called hassles of trekking in Nepal. All the paperwork, the reservation of hotels, trekking permits and back-packing are things of the past. Our porters, guides and our staff take care of everything from the moment you land at the airport. Gone are days of worreis because at Regulus we like to keep things simple for you. All you need to focus is on the trekking and tours itself.