For multi days rafting Regulus Suggests its guests Karnali River Rafting. It is a rafting in wilderness where you get opportunity to spend life in some of the remote destinations of Nepal.

Karnali is one of the popular rivers of Nepal that flows from Tibet. Mount Kailash is the source of Karnali River. It is regarded as sacred river in Tibet. The river cuts Himalayan landscapes and flows in rapid speed through various gorges and canyons before reaching Western Part of Neapl.

Among experienced rafters and kayakers Karnali is much preferred destination. Adventurers after experiencing Karnali Rafting simply agree that it is authentic river rafting where you fight against all the odds to enjoy ultimate thrill and excitement. Rafting here also gives you an opportunity of fishing where you will get big fishes.

Karnali River is longest and largest river of Nepal.  The dense jungles, rich in bio diversity, villages with unique traditions and culture and sharing experience with the ethnic group in remote area are some of the highlights of Karnali River Rafting.

Karnali is located in Far Western Development Region of Nepal. It (Karnali Zone) is also known as Wild West in Nepal. The government of Nepal recently gave permission for rafting in Karnali River. So, from this perspective it is regarded as virgin site for rafting where there are lots of thing to explore.

The other side of Karnali River Rafting is that after the adventure you can enjoy Jungle Safari in Bardia National Park where one can witness one of the endangered species of wild animals—Royal Bengal Tiger.


Some facts about Karnali River:

  • Put-In            Dungeswar (17 hours drive from Kathmandu
  • Take-Out      Chisapani (13 hours drive back to Pokhara
  • Duration       8 to 11 days
  •  Grade           Class   IV/V (an intense thrill
  • Season           Oct – Dec / Mar – May
  • River Distance:        180 km
  • Best period: Early October to December / mid-February to May.