Regulus recommends Manaslu Region Trek as one of the best destinations to witness Nepal from all aspects—cultural, religious and mind captivating landscapes of this Himalayan nation.Manaslu is listed as Restricted Trekking destination which means the site is not prohibited for trek rather requires special permit. To save and preserve the purity of the site the government of Nepal bracketed the destination as Controlled Region.Manaslu Region preserves ancient Tibetan Buddhism and different monasteries that are hundred years old. Inhabitants of the place follow typical Buddhist culture which is fascinating for the trekkers at this part of the world.

Furthermore, Manaslu Region gives you glimpse of different peaks including Mount Manaslu which is the tenth highest mountain of the world towering at an altitude of 8,163m from sea level. Trekkers are blessed while on this trek as it is a single destination to view at least eight more peaks namely Shringi Himal 7161m, Himalchuli 7893m, Nagdi Chuli 7871m, Ganesh Himal II 7118m, Simnang Himal 6251m, Saula Himal 6235m, Cheo Hiamal 6812m and Himlung Himal 7126m among others.The flora and fauna of this place attracts many tourists who have interest in plants and animals. More than 1500 speices of plants are found here where as snow leopards, Red Pandas, lynx, Himalayan black bear, grey wolf, dhole, Assames monkey, Himalayan musk deer, blue sheep and Himalayan thar are the inhabitants of this area.Regulus, an experienced guest oriented trek planner recommends three main trail at Manaslu Region—Manaslu Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek and Manaslu Express Trek. Manaslu Circuit Trek - 20 Days & Tsum Valley Manaslu Trek - 19 Days are some similar treks in which trekkers are more interested in to do while they are around Manaslu region.