Welcome to Bhutan—land of thunderbolt. One of the happiest countries of the word—Bhutan—still preserves traditional manner of life. The unique culture, lifestyle and religion makes this country a wonderful destination for the travellers.

Bhutan is a place where guests can explore spirituality. Travelling this small South Asian country can change the perception of your view regarding life and religion. Beauty is dispersed in every nook and corner of this unique country. The history, museum, monuments and palaces of Bhutan are true example of ancient art and architecture.

Regulus, a versed organization in tourism industry requests its guests to book Bhutan Trip through us. We live our commitment. Regulus books package from anywhere around the globe. The tailor made itinerary of Bhutan includes cultural tour, adventure and photography tour.

The heritage, culture and religion of Bhutan is appealing for anybody. History and tradition is scattered in this land of thunderbolt. The astounding view of Himalayas makes Bhutan more exotic. The picturesque scenery, colourful festivals and uniquely built houses are typical experience for Bhutan travellers. The Dzongs and paintings of Bhutan leave deep impression to the visitors.

Furthermore, the Dzong and gompa exposes the wisdom of Bhutan and its wise past. The smiling face of every monk make you curious to take step towards new dimension of life—meditation. For nature lovers Bhutan is the perfect destination to explore.

The mysterious mountains and series of scenic beauty make the trail of the trekker more blissful. Witnessing Bhutan is all about realizing different dream in easiest manner where you interact with local culture, traditions and architectures.

The lifestyle of Bhutanese people revolves around sacred beliefs of religion. It is Buddhism that has guided this country since past. Monks here spend their life in monasteries practicing meditation and nun devotes her life to charity. The maroon gown and robe make you think as if Bhutan is a painted country.

On the basis of research conducted on tourists Regulus has designed four packages for Bhutan based on days namely Bhutan Short Package, Bhutan Long Package, 3days/2nights and 4days/3 nights package.