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Nepal government has announced that it will observe 2020 as “Visit Nepal Year” with the goal of bringing in two million tourists to the country each year. Nepal had observed similar campaign in 1998 called “Visit Nepal 1998” while 2011 was celebrated as Nepal Tourism Year. The announcement has come at a time when Nepal is trying to recover from the devastating earthquakes of 2015. It also aims to provide the much needed boost to revitalize the tourism industry. Keeping this in mind, Regulus Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. will launch special Visit Nepal 2020  packages to ensure that our customers make the most of their time here in Nepal.

 Visit Nepal 1998 was the first major concerted effort undertaken by Nepal to further enhance the image of Nepal as a major tourist destination of the world. With the marketing slogan of ‘Visit Nepal ’98 – A world of its own’ the campaign brought together organizations and agencies both within and outside the tourism industry to formulate strategies to attract more tourists and make their stay here more fruitful to both the tourists and Nepali tourism industry. The idea was to get tourists coming to Nepal all round the year rather than just during the peak season with the best weather when tourists usually flock to Nepal. The program was a huge success as the year saw about 400,000 tourists visit Nepal which was a massive increase in tourists from the previous years.

Likewise, Nepal Tourism year 2011 was observed with the slogan “Naturally Nepal: Once is not enough!” It was an ambitious plan with the government and tourism sector aiming to attract one million tourists to the country. More than 700,000 tourists were attracted during the year, with the month of October alone witnessing an inflow of more than 50,000 tourists. Owing to the success of the past campaigns the government has come up with another campaign to bring in more tourists and boost the tourism sector.

 “Visit Nepal Year” 2020 comes exactly two decades after the government, in cooperation with the tourism sector, first took the effort of meticulous planning and implementing these plans to bring in visitors throughout the year and further establish Nepal as one of the major tourist destinations of the world. Nepal Tourism Board is already working in tandem with major stakeholders in the tourism sector and is leaving no stone unturned to improve the infrastructures to ensure that visitors will have the best possible experience during their stay here. From improving the conditions of Nepali airports to increasing land access for visitors who enter the country by land to raising awareness on such issues as visa application, processing and other permits required for visitors during their stay here, Nepal government and Nepali tourism industry are taking every step to ensure that visitors will have the best time during “Visit Nepal Year” 2020.

As a trekking and expedition company, Regulus Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. will introduce one of the best trekking packages to the visitors especially designed for “Visit Nepal Year” 2020. We are well aware of the attraction that such popular destinations as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp hold to our visitors and we have the best trekking packages to offer to our clients that have been tailored to their needs. Nevertheless, we can also cater to the needs of those visitors who are looking for more off the beat experience. From rafting in some of the most exotic locations in the country to jeep safari to guided tours, our company will be at the forefront providing the most affordable and best quality services.

Clients can access a host of information from our specially designed Visit Nepal brochures including but not limited to, visa information, cost of visiting Nepal, trekking maps, visiting Nepal by air or by road, the best season to visit Nepal, information about the weather of Nepal, visiting some of the most popular destinations like Kathmandu (and the places to visit inside the valley), Pokhara, Everest, Lumbini, Chitwan National Park, Gorkha, among others. Through our website, we will be constantly updating our prospective clients about the latest developments.

We would be more than happy to answer any queries that you have. How long can you stay in Nepal? What are the visit visa requirements of Nepal? Which is the best time to visit Nepal? What is the weather like? When is the best time to visit the famed Himalayas of Nepal? Is there an official website or official video for the Visit Nepal Year 2020? Are there any special Visit Nepal 2020 events, festivals? If you have such queries or other questions of your own, we at Regulus Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. would like to answer your queries and be in constant touch with you. We believe that the more you know beforehand the better you can plan your trip and have a better experience in what promises to be an eventful year to visit Nepal. 

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