• Ryan Zimmerman
    Rating Review by: Ryan Zimmerman, United States

    Dolpo Region Trekking

    Located far away from the bustling capital city of Kathmandu, Dolpo Region is remote even for a remote country like Nepal. During the last decade, I have grown quite fond of Nepal and have been there on three different occasions. Only on my last visit I ventured to the wild west of Nepal. My trip was arranged for by Regulus Treks and Expeditions who hooked me up with a wonderful group of fellow trekkers from the Netherlands and Germany.A bit of acclimatizing may be required for beginners. The terrain is not that difficult to negotiate. However, you will get plenty of thrills as you walk along the beautiful landscapes while always being accompanied by friendly guides, beautiful mountains and, vegetation and animals of all kinds. No matter which route you follow, do not miss the stunning Phoksundo Lake which provided a welcome relief where our group took rest for almost half a day.Regulus Treks provided me with a more than decent Dolpo Region Trekking offer and the service they delivered was super. If you haven’t decided on a trekking company yet then you can just throw an email to the guys at Regulus. They always promptly replied to my emails.

  • Steffie McGreen and Ronald McGreen
    Rating Review by: Steffie McGreen and Ronald McGreen, Ireland

    For those who love outdoors

    What better way to celebrate the outdoors than giving yourself up truly to nature and walking in some of the most remote and breathtakingly beautiful landscape? Rara Lake Trekking will take you to one of the most placid and endearing places of the world. Located in the north western part of Nepal, the route is quite a popular choice for most trekkers. We heard from our guides that residents of Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal throng to this place during peak season. The area is sparsely populated otherwise. We encountered very few people along our way. Much of the area of the trek falls under Rara National Park and one can see the efforts being carried out to preserve the natural beauty of the area. The highlight of the trek was Rara Lake, the biggest lake of Nepal. If you love mountains, new culture, mysterious looking picturesque landscapes, then get your walking boots on and embark on a tour of the Rara Region. If you love outdoors you will have one of the best experiences of your life here.

  • Edgar Mitchell Liman
    Rating Review by: Edgar Mitchell Liman, United States

    Upper Mustang - mesmerizing land, beautiful people

    It’s been more than two months since I went to Upper Mustang but the memory of the place is as fresh today. My trip was arranged for by Regulus Treks. Mr. Madan Bhandari, the owner, was exceptionally patient to answer all my queries and clear all my doubts. One nice talk with him and I knew I could trust this guy. I wasn’t disappointed as Regulus provided our group with some of the best guides and the most reasonable of price.I had heard quite a bit about Mustang from some friends who had already been to the place. I was quite lucky to be trekking with a group that consisted of people from as diverse place as Hungary, Germany, France and Norway. Mustang is known for its famed desert like mountainous topography, Muktinath temple, its unique religion and culture. You barely see any people along the way; the place is so sparsely populated. The views will simply blow your mind and the few people you meet during the trek will give you some of the most genuine smiles. Even after a couple of months, I remember the trails and the people of this mysterious place like I was there yesterday.A definite must go for any enthusiastic trekker!

  • Nick Bouchard
    Rating Review by: Nick Bouchard, Australia

    A trekker's paradise

    Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is, quite simply, a trekker’s paradise. The region is home to Kanchenjunga Mountain, the third highest mountain of the world. While the picturesque sight of the first sunlight hitting the formidable structure of this giant of a mountain is itself worth every penny for this trip, it would be unfair to reduce this entire walk to just Kanchenjunga. The trek has everything that a trekker wishes for: mountains, valleys, ridges, animals and birds of the most unique species, people whose culture is at once distant and at once so meaningful. I am grateful that Regulus Treks recommended this route to me and coordinated the whole trip flawlessly.

  • Marcus Weinberg, Jodi Reinhart
    Rating Review by: Marcus Weinberg, Jodi Reinhart, Germany

    Makalu Base Camp Trek

    Nepal can be a great place to unwind for those who want to leave the hustle and bustle of their life for a couple of weeks: this is, if your idea of unwinding includes hiking on some of the remotest and most beautiful places of the world.This summer, we walked for almost two weeks in the eastern mountains and hills of Nepal. Makalu Region trekking will take you along the world’s deepest valley, Arun valley, while you will get to see endangered species of birds, flowers and animals of different kinds. You will get plenty of chance to see Mount Makalu. The mountain is a bit unique as compared to most other mountains in Nepal as it is an isolated peak and it seems really tall to the naked eye.Our trekking agency, Regulus Treks made sure that we had acclimatized beforehand and knew our itinerary well. They were also careful enough to provide us with some of the best guides who knew the region like the back of their hand. Make sure that you pick the right trekking agency as the streets of Thamel (Kathmandu) are filled with hundreds of trekking agencies and all might not be equally concerned about their clients and professional. With the right guides, decent food and place to stay, Makalu Base Camp Trek will offer you with just the right opportunity to leave the rush of your professional life for a few weeks.

  • Matt and Yolanda Cooper
    Rating Review by: Matt and Yolanda Cooper, United States

    Manaslu - A less frequented but equally enjoyable route

    Manaslu Region Trekking has come to be known as an alternative to the more popular Annapurna Circuit. We wanted to travel a less frequented route and our trekking company, Regulus Treks, referred us to this less frequented but equally beautiful circuit. We had the pleasure of being accompanied by some of the most accomplished guides and the people and community along the circuit were extremely welcoming and helpful.The region is also perfect for photographers as one can capture beautiful sightings of all kinds - the spectacular Manaslu Mountain, the wildlife and flowers, meandering rivers and the local people of the area. If you love outdoors and enjoy camping and trekking, Manaslu Region Trekking has so much to offer to you. We are very grateful that we had the pleasure of acquiring such a friendly and professional team from Regulus Treks and Expeditions.

  • noimage
    Rating Review by: Mr.Harry Bean, United States

    Nepal ,heaven on the Earth

    My family and I enjoyed a very fantastic days at Everest Bace Camp  trek.Our Sherpa  guides, and Regulus Trekking Company were knowledgeable, friendly, and put in an extraordinary amount of work into preparing for the trip, cooking for our group, and making sure that we had a fantastic time. They were full of personality, extremely knowledgeable, willing to share hidden facts in our surroundings, as well as very patient. They made sure we enjoyed our time in one of the most beautiful places on earth.If you enjoy hiking, camping, beautiful waterfalls, different cultures, and a life full of adventure ,I highly recommend everyone try Everest Base Camp trek full of thrilling & challenges.We are grateful to have our days in Everest region popularly known as Khumbu region & reach to Everest Base Camp ,The Roof Of The World.

  • Stephen Gray
    Rating Review by: Stephen Gray, Australia

    Perfect Everest Trek Arrangement

    I spent very memorable days in the Everest region in Nepal. I used to dream to see this highest peak of the world and now I arrested it in my camera. My guide arranged everything and helped me a lot. He did not let me feel tired and boring. I have read about the Manaslu region and willing to go there with this company again. I like to make a strong recommendation.