Peak Climbing in Nepal

Nepal is the best destination for peak climbing as there are more than 1600 peaks identified so far in this Himalayan nation. More than 300 peaks are identified in Khumbu region alone where lies Mount Everest too.

The peaks in Nepal are categorized as major and minor peaks. Peak above 7,500 to 8,848m is regarded as major peak. Similarly, peaks above 6,500m and below 7,500m are listed in minor category.

Nepal Mountaineering Association is the apex body that explores and identifies the peaks for climbing. At present, 33 peaks are opened for climbing.

These 33 peaks are categorized under Group A and Group B.

Group A comprises of 15 peaks whereas Group B consists of remaining 18 peaks. The permit and rate of climbing differs as per the peak of the group.

The cost of climbing the peak also depends upon the number of the climbers. The more the number of climbers the less will be the cost and vice-versa.

In general, climbing the mountain of at least 6,500m is regarded as peak climbing. Climbing in such peak (6,500m) is comparatively easy although it demands physical and mental toughness. But, in case of Mount Everest or Ama Dablma climbers have to acclimatize in respective base camps and train at least 15 days before the climbing.

Climbers require peak climbing permit. Peak climbing without permit is illegal. NMA issues the permit for the climbers. While applying for the permit you have to produce guide’s name too otherwise NMA will not issue climbing permit. Climbing is also regarded as extreme adventure sports that demands strength, endurance and mental toughness.

Furthermore, the peaks of Nepal have one more quality over the peaks of other part of the world. It is that even the beginners can experience peak climbing here. 

Around 1000 people across the globe climb peak in Nepal every year. Recently, in 2016 a total of 400 (foreigners and Nepali) climbed Mount Everest.

The name of popular climbing peaks is as followed:

         Peak                                                    metres      

  • Chulu East                                         6,584                                                
  • Chulu West                                        6,419                                                
  • Ganja-la Chuli (Naya Kanga)         5,844                                                
  • Hiunchuli                                           6,441                                                
  • Imja-tse (Island Peak)                     6,189                                                
  • Khongma-tse (Mehar Peak)          5,820                                                
  • Kusum Kangru                                6,367                                                
  • Kwandge                                           6,011                                                
  • Lobuje                                               6,119                                                
  • Mardi Himal                                      5,555                                                
  • Mera Peak                                        6,476                                                
  • Paldor Peak                                     5,928                                                
  • Pharchamo                                     6,187                                                
  • Pisang Peak                                    6,091                                                
  • Pokhalde                                         5,806                                                
  • Ramdung                                        5,925                                                
  • Shigu Chuli (Fluted Peak)           6,501                                                
  • Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak)            5,500 

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