About Nepal Social Tour / Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is right destination for volunteering as ample of opportunities is under lying here. The best part of volunteering in this mountainous country is that the event (volunteering) helps you to work in multicultural environment. Even routine tasks become interesting here because you will interact with multi-linguistic people who are from different ethnic background.

While performing responsibilities under volunteering tour you will get opportunity to travel in the remote part of Nepal and these places are naturally gifted. The snow-capped peaks, greenery, hygienic and organic local food will remain in your tongue tips forever.    

Matching your interest and field Regulus arranges different types of volunteering tours in Nepal, be it earthquake relief programmes, educational, mass awareness, women empowerment, child care, managing street dogs and many more.

Besides, Regulus will also help you to get partner agency or concerned non-government organization to carry out your volunteering. If you want to stay long then we will also arrange Home Stay in the concerned site where you volunteer.

In Nepalese context, many tourists including Prince Harry had devoted their time volunteering in Nepal. Prince Harry labored in quake affected area for few days. This has benefited the local people a lot. At this moment of time Nepal needs volunteering service in various areas especially, education, health, awareness and many more.

To make your volunteering tour easy and effective Regulus has pointed out some areas of free service which will surely benefit you and the community of Nepal. The areas are as followed:

1.     Teaching in remote based community school where there are no teachers but only students and school

2.     Distributing education materials in remote part of the country

3.     Building interactive society

4.     Encouraging women participation in society

5.     Aware women regarding women trafficking and many more

6.     Providing technical education to students like computer and other vocational subjects

7.     Providing technical education related to agriculture as more than 80 per cent of people here depend on farming in fact, indigenous mode of farming.


Useful Information

Besides aforementioned field you can send your area of interest for volunteering to Regulus and we will manage it for you accordingly.