Home Stays in Nepal

The trend of Home Stay is rapidly growing in Nepal. Many tourists, researchers, scholars, and students prefer Home Stay in Nepal as the people of this part of the world are friendly and cooperative with their guests. 

Besides, the modern facilities provided in the homes also attract guests to Home Stay.

There are many Home Stay Service providers in Nepal and Regulus in this regard considers itself the best agency to facilitate the service. The experts of the organization (Regulus) arrange or manage Home Stay for the tourists as per their needs. The organization gives all effort to match the needs of the guest and on this basis it arranges Home Stay in the concerned area or wherever necessary throughout the country.

The moment which tourists spend during their Home Stay will be one of the best moments of life. Visitors will get a chance to acquaint themselves with the local culture, traditions, and religions. It is the best means to understand the overall social structure and strata of Nepal.

If you are willing to explore or conduct research in the field of sociology or anthropology then Regulus suggests you Home Stay. To understand the ethnicity of Nepal and its people in the real field this (Home Stay) plays a pivotal role.

Home Stay will help you to understand the basic unit of Nepalese custom as (Nepal) is a multiethnic country where more than 100 native languages are spoken. Similarly, more than 100 ethnic groups reside in this small Himalayan nation that has distinct cultures, traditions, and unique identities.

So, Regulus in this regard recommends its guests to explore Nepal through Home Stay if they are planning for a long vacation. It is much beneficial and enjoyable. Also, from an economic perspective, Home Stay will directly benefit the local people which will surely enhance their livelihood.

While on Home Stay tourists will get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, although it depends upon your budget. But the fact that cannot be discarded is that tourists will get hygienic and healthy food like Nepali Dal-Bhat with pickle. And, it is served from the heart which reminds you of your mother although being far from home.

This Home Stay facility is provided everywhere in Nepal, be it Kathmandu or in Trekking. The Home Stay in Trekking is called Tea-house trekking where you will just spend a night in one particular destination except acclimatization day. Home Stay is an extended form of Tea-House stay.