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Updated on April 24, 2024

Today I am going to write about  "The White Monastery" popularly known as Seto Gumba/White Gumba among the Nepalese.It is a Buddhist monastery of Nepal which is situated at the top of Druk Amitabh Mountain.It is located at Nagarjun municipality of Kathmandu District. It is located outside the ring road north of Swoyambhu Nath temple. 

Seto Gumba is a cultural site full of natural beauty, Tibetean architecture & culture.It is surrounded by lush green valley. The picturesque topography of White Gumba is remarkable that attracts the visitors to it.The area around the White Monastery is very peacefull and quite, one can visit it for meditation practices and also for learning about Buddhism.Because it lies at the top of hill we can view the spectacular view of Kathmandu valley from Seto Gumba. If the weather is clear you even can sight the breathtaking view of mountain range.White Gumba is also the second best spot to view the sun rise and sunset after the Nagarkot.Many people visit here to view the sunrise and sunset from the hill which is inexpressible. Peace and traquility is reflected from every part of the gumba.The architecture and the beauty of The White Gumba forces people to snap pictures.

white gumba

I have visited White Gumba for 4 times with my friends, with my hubby and also with my family once.The first visit of mine to White Gumba was 4 years ago on December 2012 with one of my friend, it was the time when the gumba was just built and recently opened for visitors.At the time the Gumba was very beautifully constructed & designed with Tibetan architecture and beauties.The garden, the waterfalls, murals, paintings, the statues and the small monastries inside was very much extraordinary  and spectacular.You can see every visitors busy in taking pictures there.Later again almost a year after I visited it again on January 2013 with a group of friends. The visit was again mesmerizing.We also clicked so many pictures there and today it has really become a good unforgetable memories which were captured in our cameras.

It has not been so long that the White Gumba was opened for visitors publicly.Any one was allowed to enter the Gumba last 2 years ago before the devasting earthquake of  April 25th 2015. Saturday was the only single day when the visitors were allowed for the visit & the entry by getting a visiting pass at just Rs.40/- per person.

Later after the earthquake it was announced that "The White Guba will remain closed until any further notice." It was because many parts of the White Gumba were destroyed by the earthquake. Some days ago when I visited it again I saw some construction process were going on there any nobody was allowed to enter the Gumba. Visitors who came there without any enquiry were returning back with a hopeless face so as I was. The notice was announced for the convenience of visitors also for not getting any disturbance during the reconstruction process. Nowadays not a single visitor is allowed to enter the Gumba.

But do not worry as per my information that I got from the local peoples and the guards of the "White Gumba" during my last visit a couples of day ago on 9th December 2016 "The White Monastery" will re-open again very soon may be after 2/3 years after the reconstruction work gets finished with new structures, beauty and architecture.Till the date I have some informations for those who have not visited Seto Gumba till.Hope it may help them in future.

Where is Seto Gumba/White Monastery?

Seto Gumba is located at Nagarjun municipality of Kathmandu District outside the ring road north of Swoyambhu Nath temple.

How to reach the White Monastery/Seto Gumba/White Gumba?

It is very easy to reach the Seto Gumba but the public vehicles are not allowed to the Gumba.You can start your trip to White Gumba from two different locations i.e either Sitapaila or Halchowk.From any place of the valley just catch a public vehicle/bus or hire a cab for ring road and get dropped at Sitapaila or Halchowk. From there if you ask any local people about the way to Gumba anyone can easily guide you there. From both the places it is just 20-30 minutes distance to get the Gumba if you take a cab or a motorbike/mountain bike. It is also really a good place for hikers. You can reach there by hiking a hour.Bikes are easy but please I personally request you not to take a scooter to reach Seto Gumba because the roads and the way of Gumba is very steepy and dangerous.

What is the entry cost?

Early, the entry cost was very cheap i.e just Rs.40/- per person that was for getting the registration pass. If you take your own vehicles there the parking cost Rs.10/- extra you have to pay.

Is there any cafe/restaurant for lunch or snacks?

Yes there are some restaurants outside the Gumba which are clean, hygienic and well facilated.

What other things can we do at White Gumba?

You can do things like photography, meditation and sightseen.Also you can have a night out at the local guset houses available there so that you can enjoy the early morning  sunrise and  evening sunset view.

When is The White Gumba open for the visitors?

Before the closing notice published, it was used to be opened only on Saturday for the visitors.Let's see it remains the same after the re-open or the schedule changes.

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