Visit Nepal Year 2018 reschedule | Panned for Visit Nepal Year 2020

Updated on April 24, 2024

Much has been made of the fact that Nepali tourism industry has witnessed one of the toughest years in the wake of the devastating earthquakes of 2015. After Nepal opened up, this has been without a doubt one of the most challenging times that Nepali tourism industry has faced. However, not all is gloom and doom. In a typical Nepali spirit, the tourism industry has shown remarkable spirit to bring itself together and put together the broken pieces. The outlook is not as bleak as many had predicted. In a remarkably short span of time tourists have started to pour in and our tourism sector is all geared up to welcoming more tourists in coming years.

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) earlier had decided to observe  Visit Nepal Year 2018 which is now put off & post poned to Visit Nepal Year 2020 due to the slow down in the construction of airports, heritage sites and roads. As now the government of Nepal has set an ambitious aim to bring in two million tourists each year by 2020, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has designed to organise ‘Visit Nepal Year’ in 2020 to attract more tourists to the country. 

There is still a couple of year to go before the campaign kicks in and this gives just about the right amount of time to prepare Nepal to offer to its visitors what it has always been renowned for: a land of diverse culture, natural beauty and great hospitality. In between this time the government has worked out to complete the expansion of Tribhuvan International  Airport and construction of Gautam Buddha Airport in Bhairahawa before the Visit Nepal Year. Furthermore, the reconstruction of major heritage sites is expected to be completed before 2020.In a remarkable show of solidarity the Nepali tourism sector has done more than its share to not only uplift itself but to help Nepali society at large to overcome this great tragedy.

Nepali tourism industry has been at the forefront in restoring the natural and cultural heritages devastated by the earthquakes. Many in the industry have taken up upon themselves to reconstruct and restore the cultural sites within and outside Kathmandu. The restoration of many temples, stupas and cultural sites, carried out with active participation from the local community, tourism sector and government are testament to this fact.  This is not done just to promote tourism but with a real sense of belonging and with the aim to restore what Nepalis have always taken immense pride in – a nation of people with a rich cultural and natural diversity.

Visit Nepal Year 2020 comes exactly after 22 years after the first of such campaigns: Visit Nepal 1998. Another such campaign was run in 2011: Nepal Tourism Year. Considering that these two campaigns were outstanding successes, there is no reason to believe that it will be otherwise this time around. Many in the tourism industry are already at work – from raising awareness, to working in tandem with the government and the local community at restoration and building new infrastructures to business oriented approaches like launching special offers and packages for the visitors.

We at Regulus Nepal, can’t wait to welcome our visitors during the Visit Nepal Year 2020. This year is already showing some promising signs that the tourism industry is slowly getting back to where it was before the earthquakes struck. This has given us the much needed boost and filled us with even more enthusiasm after such a bad year for Nepal and Nepali tourism.

Besides our regular services, Regulus Nepal will bring in special packages and offer for Visit Nepal Year 2020 including, but not limited to, some of the best trekking packages , the most affordable and quality tour packages – from sightseeing to jungle safari to mountain flights to adventure tourism – to ensure that our visitors have a truly remarkable time during their visit.

As always, we would be more than happy to answer any of your queries. We believe in being in constant touch with our clients and you can always drop us an email if you want to know about how to visit Nepal and how to make the most of your time here.

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