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Updated on April 24, 2024

Rara Lake Trek Best Time To Visit | Rara Lake Tour | Regulus Nepal

Everything about Rara lake Trek 

The beauty of the Himalayas and hills have attracted many people in the last 100 years since Nepal was free to travel and visit for foreigners. Many Nepali and foreigners have climbed and walked in the beautiful lands of Nepal. Nepal has offered heart-wrenching beauty and spark to travelers. Nepal is constantly finding the value and places for different people to visit, and the numbers are continually increasing. The trekking regions have allowed more people to take advantage of the beauty and landscape of Nepal. If you are willing to travel and enjoy the landscape, many trekking and highland routes are available.

Among the many climbing and trekking regions, the wilderness of the Rara Trek Region has many unique destinations and landscapes, including the biggest lake of Nepal, Rara Lake.

The Rara Trek region is an outstanding trip to the small piece of the heavenly environment in the Mid-Western area. The iconic Rara Lake is the center of attraction. Rara Lake is called "Queen of Lakes". It lies in the Rara National Park, which was established in 1976 and spread over 106 sq. kilometers. The breathtaking views of the lake, forests, and landscapes are pivotal views of the trek.

Something You Need to know about Rara

The 2290m highland has multiple entrances and gateways. One of the significant and common gateways is to fly from Nepalgunj and land in Jumla to walk and climb through Sinja. Trekkers can take Nepalgunj's road to Jumla and Sinja Valley through the rough road in the hills. Road travel would make you familiar with the developmental structures and infrastructures available. Sinja Valley is also known as the origin of the Nepali language, which is locally known as Khas Bhasa. Trekking through Sinja is the most recommended. The trekking route is mostly in drought and remote areas. Most of the forest is covered with pine and juniper trees, making the trail exciting in terms of experiences. Chuchemara hill (4087m) is the high pass-through of the trek and can get the heart soothing panoramic views of the lake and snow-covered views.

Rara national park offers more than a trek in itself. The most distinct flora and faunas can be found in the area. There are about 500 different species of vegetation and fauna to be found. Several blue pines, black juniper, oak, cypress, and rhododendron forests may be found in the national park. Himalayan Black Bears, Musk Deer, Leopards, Ghoral, Thar, and Red Pandas live in these forests. These forests are a central residential area of more than 200 species of colorful birds and butterflies.

The trail to the Rara Trek region is a fantastic experience to cherish for life. The views of the API (7132m) mountain are magnificent. The panoramic sights of lush green valleys, pristine rivers, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and many more throughout the trek are worth it.


Destination: Nepal

Days required: 14 days

Starting point: Kathmandu

Ending point: Kathmandu

Maximum Altitude: 3480 m

Best Season: Spring and Autumn

Region: Rara Region

Difficulty: Medium

Accommodation: Hotels, lodges and teahouses

Group size: 2-15 max

Cost of Rara Lake : Depends upon group size

Rara Lake trekking highlights:-

  • Cultural and recreational tour of Kathmandu valley
  • The scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj.
  • Exhibit the supersonic natural beauty of Rara trails.
  • Enjoy the rich culture of Sinja Valley
  • Interact with locals and learn about them.
  • Walk along with the rich biodiversity of Rara National Park.
  • Experience the extreme weather and diversity of people.

Best Time for Trekking in Rara

Rara offers distinct weather, which makes it available to trek at any designated time and month of the year. However, the season of Autumn( September-October) and spring season(March-May) are called the most suitable time to trek for newcomers and inexperienced trekkers. The mentioned time offers the scenic view and most favorable weather conditions to anyone planning to trek over Rara

Autumn Season (September-November):-

After the rainy season, neither constant rain nor extreme heat disrupts the trek. The weather is clean up to down, and the breeze of fresh air with a clear view makes the tour more mesmerizing. Since the trekking region is filled with beautiful landscape gifted by nature, clear visibility would make you fall in love with climbing the hills.

Trek becomes awful when traveling in the unfavorable weather conditions, excellent visibility, and warm forecast of the autumn season that makes your trek memorable and enjoyable as well.

Spring Season(March-May):-

The Spring season is also one of the best times to trek in this region. The temperature is not too high at the beginning of the summer, and a cool breeze with the hills full of birds and flowers will make the trek fun. This is the season of cultivating crops in the hilly region, so trekking at this time will let you see farmers with their local tools used in the rural area. This is the time for glaciers to be a bit warmer, so you don't need to worry about having cool showers in those glaciers while sunbathing at the bank.

However, the temperature is a bit warmer, as high as 24 degrees Celsius; the temperature gradually decreases to 18 at the top of the region.  

Gears and equipment:

You don't need special gear to trek in this region, but for safety, you have to apply the necessary equipment such as:

  • Trekking Pole
  • Sunglasses
  • Trekking boots
  • Binoculars
  • Thick and warm clothes
  • Down jacket
  • Gloves and socks
  • Compass
  • Harness
  • Sleeping
  • Water bottle and snacks according to your needs    

Risks of sickness and injuries

Risks of sickness and injuries are constant like in every other trial region. You can have altitude sickness if you are not much experienced at a height of more than 3000m. Other injuries are subject to the fitness of your body, but there are no chances of injuries until any natural calamity, i.e. Snowfall, heavy rain etc., hits you.


Rara Trek Region will provide you with one of the best treks and views from western Nepal despite being in a problematic geographical region. With its availability in different seasons, it has so much to offer for any explorer who wants to enjoy nature to the fullest. Rara is the biggest lake in Nepal, not getting the hype among trekkers despite having so much to offer for different seasons. Rara can be the paradise you are looking for, and you can be the explorer Rara wants because it is worth a visit.


What is the best time to trek in this region?

This trial's most preferred weather or season is either Summer or Autumn, with clear weather and perfect conditions. You can trek if the temperature remains constant in early March-April also but be aware of weather conditions in those times.

Is the Rara trail the most dangerous to trek?

It is not the most complex trial and not the easiest one either. If the weather remains constant, we can trek this trail easily, and inexperienced visitors can easily walk in this trail. 

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