List of Major Airports in Nepal 2022

Updated on April 24, 2024

Over the years, Nepal is flooded with huge numbers of tourists. Being the country with the world’s highest mountain is the major reason. Every year, whether the trekkers or the adventurer lover, Nepal has always been a home to exotic destinations on the planet. Airports in Nepal are fully functional that take you to the desired destination in the country. 

List of Airports in Nepal

Nepal is a lovely country in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. The country is probably the best destination for spending your vacations. From diverse cultures to awe-inspiring natural beauty, it has a lot to offer. With warm and friendly locals to the captivating wildlife in the forest of Nepal is worth visiting. Exploring the enchanting attractions of Nepal is pleasing and magnificent.

Over the years, Nepal is flooded with huge numbers of tourists. Being the country with the world’s highest mountain is the major reason. Every year, whether the trekkers or adventurers lover, Nepal has always been a home to exotic destinations on the planet. Airports in Nepal are fully functional that take you to the desired destination in the country. 

Nepal is a budget-friendly country offering scenic flights to spectacular destinations.  It has both domestic and international airports. Altogether, there are 43 airports in Nepal. However, there is only one International airport currently operating in Nepal; Tribhuvan International Airport. Few international airports are under construction. So, 10 airports in Nepal are mentioned below which connect to the beautiful parts of the country.

Total Airports in Nepal, International and Domestic Airports In Nepal, Nepal Airport Names 

In Nepal, there are altogether 34 total airports that are in operation now. Among them, 32 airports are domestic airports and two of them are inernational airports. The List is below as per the data of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

1. Tribhuwan International Airport 18. Manamaya Rai Khanidanda Airport
2. Gautam Buddha International Airport 19. Lamidanda Airport
3. Biratnagar Airport  20. Rumjatar Airport
4. Nepalgunj Airport  21. Phaplu Airport
5. Pokhara Airport  22. Tenzing Hillary (Lukla) Airport
6. Chandragadhi Airport  23. Ramechhap Airport
7. Rajbiraj Airport  24. Jomsom Airport
8. Janakpur Airport  25. Jumla Airport
9. Simara Airport  26. Rara Airport
10. Bharatpur Airport  27. Rukum Salle Airport
11. Dhangadi Airport  28. Simikot Airport
12. Surkhet Airport  29. Sanfebagar Airport
13. Dang Airport  30. Bajhang  Airport
14. Taplejung Airport  31. Baitadi Airport
15. Tumlingtar Airport  32. Bajura Airport
16. Bhojpur Airport  33. Doti Airport
17. Thamkharka Airport 34. Dolpa Airport

International Airports in Nepal

The country is connected to three international airports. They are Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), the oldest and the first airport in Nepal which serves the nation's capital and the country's largest metropolitan city of Kathmandu, Gautam Buddha International Airport (GIA)  in Lumbini and the third is a new international airport in Nepal which is Pokhara Regional International Airport located at the heart of the tourism city Pokhara.

1. Tribhuvan International Airport

Tribhuvan International Airport is the country's only international airport. It is located in the capital city of Nepal; Kathmandu. Numerous projects are ongoing based on the development of new international airports. Pokhara International Airport and Gautam Buddha Airport are some of the ongoing projects. There is only one domestic and international terminal in the airport. 30 airlines land at the airport that flies to Asia and the Middle East. 

The airport was first introduced in the year of 1955 by King Mahindra. During the time, the name of the airport was named Gaucher Airport. In the year of 1964, however, was named again Tribhuvan International Airport. This name was made in the memory of King Tribhuvan. 

Tribhuvan International Airport is the main doorway to the outside world. People around the world come to visit the nation to witness the natural, cultural and social aspects of Nepal. Upon arriving, Kathmandu greets tourists with its astounding culture, tradition, and ancient history.

2. Gautam Buddha International Airport, 

The second international airport of Nepal located at the birth-place of Gautam Buddha Lumbini is Gautam Buddha International Airport. This is located 19km far from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Lumbini, This is a new airport that has a 15,169m² terminal building and a new runway of 3,000m. The airport was inaugurated by Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba. The airport was established with a sim of connecting major pilgrimage tourists destinations with the Buddhist circuits in South Asia, 

The airport is situated in Lumbini province at an elevation of 358 feet. Currently, the airport is upgraded as an international airport.  This will help in promoting Lumbini - the birthplace of Lord Buddha. People around the world can directly fly to visit the captivating attractions of Lumbini. 

3. Pokhara Regional International Airport

Pokhara International airport is an airport that is under construction. It is located at the heart of the tourism city Pokhara,  3 km east of the existing domestic airport. China CAMC Engineering Co was awarded the contract for the construction of Pokhara International Airport. The main aim of Pokhara International airport was to encourage tourism in Pokhara city with an intention to provide regional, domestic and international passengers with additional flight services. The airport will become Nepal's third international airport.

Domestic Airports In Nepal

If you are wondering how many domestic airports are in Nepal! The answer is that 32 airports are domestic airports that are in operation as per the data of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. (CAAN). Nepal airport names of domestic airports in Nepal are listed above in the table.

10 Major Airports of Nepal, Domestic Airport In Nepal

1. Tribhuvan Domestic Airport

Kathmandu Tribhuvan Domestic (TIA) Airport handles all domestic and regional flights within Nepal. Kathmandu airport started its operations in 1955. There are three terminals, out of which two serve passengers. One is for VIP delegates from different countries. Nepal Airlines, Himalaya Airlines, Buddha Air, Shree Airlines, Saurya Airlines, Simrik Airlines, Sita Air, Tara Airlines, and Yeti Airlines operate domestic flights in Nepal from TIA domestic terminals.

2. Pokhara Domestic Airport

Pokhara Airport is one of the prominent domestic airports in Nepal. It lies in the gorgeous city of lakes; Pokhara. The place is regarded as the tourism capital of Nepal. The flight to Pokhara offers exceptional perspectives on mountain ranges with diverse terrains. Pokhara is an exotic destination that provides a serene ambiance and natural beauty. It has been the gateway to the Annapurna region for trekkers and travelers. 

In general, Pokhara airport connects the air routes from Kathmandu, Jomsom, and Manang under the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. The airport can harbor 8 planes at a time as it covers a small area.

3. Lukla Airport

Lukla is a charming town in Nepal's Everest region, situated at an elevation of 2,860 meters. For many eager hikers and mountaineers, it is the gateway to Everest. The climb to the Everest region, also known as the Khumbu region, begins in Kathmandu. The travel from the hilly to the Himalayan region offers breathtaking vistas of verdant valleys, varied terrains, snow-capped mountains, and more. 

Tenzing Hilary Airport is located at the top of a cliff and dips at the end of the runaway. However, the airport is popularly known as the Lukla Airport. The flights to Lukla can be delayed or canceled due to unstable weather situations. Otherwise, regular flights operate during preferable weather between Kathmandu and Lukla.

4. Ramechhap Airport

Ramechhap airport is located in the Ramechhap district of the Bagmati Province at an altitude of 474 m. Commonly, it is also known as Manali Airport. It is 127 km away from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The Ramechhap Airport is built in an area of 530 meters with a concrete surface. It was established in the year of 1979. Later in the year of 2015, the runway was renovated. 

The regular flights operate to and from Kathmandu. Since the popularity of the mighty Mt. Everest, tourists have flourished in the Everest region. As a consequence, trekkers and mountaineers are unable to fly to Lukla from Kathmandu during the peak trekking season. That is why the flight operation from Kathmandu is shifted to Ramechhap Airport in order to reduce the air congestion.

5. Gautam Buddha Airport

Gautam Buddha Airport is situated in the Rupandehi district of Nepal at an elevation of 109 m. It is commonly known as Bhairahawa Airport. Bhairahawa is the entrance to the birthplace of Lord Buddha; Lumbini. It is 2 Km away from Bhairahawa. In the year of 1958, Gautam Buddha Airport was established. It has a concrete runway with a length of 5,000 ft.  Major airlines land at the airport on a daily basis. The flight operations connect to Pokhara and Kathmandu.

6. Bajhang Airport

Bajhang Airport is a domestic airport situated in the far western region of Nepal. It lies in the Bajhang district of Jaya Prithivi Municipality at an altitude of 1,250 m. The airport has a grass and clay runway with a length of 2,146 ft. It was established in the year of 2035 BS. Since then the airport has successfully been a medium to promote tourism in the Bajhang district. 

Going back to the history of its establishment, Nepal Airlines used to operate in a week. The flight operation was shut down due to the lack of passengers after 30 years of its establishment. Nevertheless, there is a chance of flight operation along the Dhangadi-Bajhang route as mentioned by Civil Aviation.

7. Bharatpur Airport

Bharatpur Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Nepal at an altitude of 650 feet. It is situated in Bharatpur of Chitwan District. With the support of the United States of America, it was established in 1958. The majority of domestic airlines in Nepal are run in the airport. The territory of the airport comprises one arrival terminal, one departure, and one operation terminal. In the beginning, the airport had a grassy runway. But in the year of 2005, the runway was paved in order to withstand the medium-sized aircraft operated by Nepal Airlines.

8. Biratnagar Airport

Biratnagar Airport is situated in the Morang district of Nepal. It was established in the year of 1958. The runway is paved with a concrete surface covering a length of 5,000 ft. It is also commonly known as the Gorgraha Airport. Biratnagar is the doorway to the eastern region of Nepal. A direct flight is available from Kathmandu to Biratnagar regularly. Moreover, most of the domestic airlines of Nepal operate directly to this airport.

9. Nepalgunj Airport

Nepalgunj Airport is Nepal’s third-largest airport in terms of land occupied. It lies in the Banke district which is just 8 km away from Nepalgunj. The airport was built in the year of 1961 and has a runway with a concrete surface. Nepalgunj is the hub for trading in this region. Upon arriving in this region, Bardia National Park and Bageshwori Temple are worth visiting. Nepalgunj Airport provides flight operations to major domestic airlines.

10. Simara Airport

Simara Airport is a domestic airport situated in Jitpur of the Bara district of Nepal. It is just 18 kilometers away from Birgunj. The airport was established in the year of 1958. In recent years, the airport is run by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. Birgunj is the major trading hub in between Nepal and India. It is the entrance to Patna and Calcutta.

Upcoming International Airports in Nepal

Tribhuvan International Airport is an international airport in Nepal. It is the only international airport right now. Due to this, the country faces a lot of air congestion. In order to handle the situation, a few projects are ongoing to establish other international airports. Pokhara Airport and Bhairahawa Airport are domestic airports that are in the process of upgrading into the regional international airport as Pokhara International Airport and Gautam Buddha International Airport. Apart from this, Nijgadh International Airport is in the final stage of arrangement and construction.

Pokhara Regional International Airport

Pokhara is a beautiful city adorned with pristine lakes in the lap of the Himalayas. Tourists around the world are fascinated by its scenic beauty for the past years. With the establishment of an International airport in the city, there are mainly two benefits to the Nation. Firstly, it’ll reduce the air congestion at Tribhuvan International Airport. And secondly, tourism in Pokhara can be promoted in a wide range. 

One of Nepal's ongoing projects is the Pokhara Regional International Airport. It is situated in Pokhara 3 km away from the current domestic airport. This project was initiated in the year of 2016 and was supposed to be completed in 2021. However, as a consequence of the pandemic's emergence, it is expected to complete in 2022. The airport was planned with an objective to board one million passengers in a year. 

Nijgadh International Airport

Nijgadh International Airport is an ongoing project located in the Bara district of Nepal. It is 68 km away from the southern region of Kathmandu at Kolhabi. The airport would be South Asia’s largest airport. By the end of 2025, this is expected to be completed. Due to environmental restrictions, the project was terminated as of December 2020. 

Airports Under Construction in Nepal

1. Pokhara Regional International Airport
2. Nijgadh International Airport
3. Argakhachi Airport


To sum up, airports in Nepal connect you to several exotic destinations that are amusing. Although the country has one international airport right now, soon there will be three more international airports. To those who are fascinated by the richness in the cultural and natural aspects of Nepal, this will make the visit more convenient and appropriate.


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