Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Updated on April 24, 2024

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is the smallest national parks of Nepal located in the eastern part of Nepal. It is regarded as paradise for bird watchers as the destination inhabits different species of birds—native and migratory.

The reserve is stretched to 175 square kilometer covering wetlands. The literal meaning of Koshi Tappu is river island. According to recent study, more than 500 species of birds are found here. The site is also popular for wild water buffaloes known as arna. They (arna) are regarded as threatened species of mammals of this planet.

Koshi Tappu is one of the tenth best places to watch birds in Asia. Watercock, Indian nightjar, dusky eagleowl, black-headed cuckooshrike, whitetailed stonechat, striated grassbird, large adjutant stork, Pallas’s fish eagle, common golden-eye, and gullbilled tern, Swamp francolin and Nepal rufous-vented prinia are the native birds of this area. Similary, migratory species of birds from Siberia and Tibet also take shelter here in between November to February.

Although the reserve lacks heavy weights of jungles like tigers and rhino but wild water buffaloes are the pride of the reserve. They have wide opened pinpointed horns which add glory in them (buffaloes).

The Gangetic dolphins, blue bulls, deer, golden jackals, mugger crocodiles, fishing cats and porcupines are other animals sighted in the reserve.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve envelops wetlands of low lands of terai especially, eastern part of Nepal. The reserve touches variuous districts of Nepal like Sunsari, Saptari and Udayapur.

It is very easy to reach the reserve. Tourist either can take bus route to Biratnagar which is around of 10 hour drive from Kathmandu. Or, can board on plane to Biratnagar and drive to the reserve for one and half hour. The accommodation is very pleasant and comfortable in the reserve area as there are numbers of inns.

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