Festival of Colours / A joyful Holi in Nepal

Posted by: Rubi Bhandari   Posted Date: May 09, 2018

Festival of Colours / A joyful Holi in Nepal

This  is the time India and Nepal , and communities all over the globe ,  explode into  colour  as the Hindu communities celebrate with abandoned enthusiasm and excitement ! Through coloured   powder and aiming coloured water through pistols and mini grenades at everyone in sight. With vibrant processions   , sweets , devotional songs , and dances . the temple beautifully decorated.

Celebrate on the full moon day of Phalgun , it celebrates the incoming Spring and good over evil , and the triumph of devotion and immoral love . Dating back to the ancient   Sanskrit  , it is associated with many legends. The foremost being of the demon king  Hiranyakashyap , who demanded to be worshipped instead of the Gods and ordered  the death of his son Prahlad , of was devoted tom Lord Vishnu , by his sister Holika taking him into a blazing fire ; as fire could not  harm her . Vishnu save Prahlad and turned the evil Holika to ash . Ever since, on the eve of the Holi  , large bonfire called Holika are lit to burn evil spirits. It is also the story of immortal love of Lord Krishna and Radha  ; Krishna , in a mischievous mood , jealous of fairer skin of his beloved applied colour to her skin . So, in Barsana the birth place of Radha , Nandgoan , the village of Krishna and Mathura the birthplace of of Krishna celebrations are spread over 16 days.

Barsana is famous as the men af Nandgaon known as ‘gops’  raid over the temple of Radhika , by furling a flag over it , while the women fend them off with the coloured water. Some dress in saris and apply cosmetics as a disguise and are made to dance , as Krishna did once by the ‘ gops ‘ of Barsana .

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