1. Festival of colours in Nepal

    Festival of Colours Holi Celebration in Nepal

    Feb 14, 2019 - Festivals in Nepal

    Holi Festival Tour in Nepal (Celebrate Festival of Colours in Nepal) What is the festival of color? What is the Holi festival? Holi, widely known as the Festival of Colour is a Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal & India by Hindu communities and also all over the globe. Holi festival…

  2. Halesi Mahadev Tour Package

    Halesi Mahadev Tour / Halesi Maratika Tour / Maratika Cave Khotang Nepal

    Feb 05, 2018 - Travel and Tourism

    Halesi Mahadev is a very famous scared temple also known as Eastern Pahupatinath of Nepal. This place is also known as Halesi Maratika which is one of the most ancient holy place of Nepal famous among Hindus & Buddhists devotees.It lies at 3,100 ft. – 4,734 ft.above sea level in Khotang district,…

  3. Chitwan Jungle Safari

    Which is the best place for Jungle Safari Tour? (Jungle Safari in Nepal)

    Jan 30, 2018 - Travel and Tourism

    Nepal Jungle Safari Tour Nepal is one of the best destinations to watch various wildlife, birds, and reptiles in a natural state. The geography of Nepal stretches from mountains to the low land of Terai which makes ample space for the wild animals to roam around freely. The freshwater system…

  4. Visit Nepal 2020 / A government planned year for Nepal tourism promotion

    Visit Nepal Year 2020

    Aug 16, 2017 - Nepal

    Your complete guide to Nepal,‘Regulus Treks & Expedition Pvt.Ltd’ is planning to organize ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020’ with a slogan "Naturally Nepal Once Is Not Enough" as Nepal government has postponed Visit Nepal Year 2018 & planned for the year 2020 with an ambitious aim to achieve 2 million tourists…

  5. noimage

    White Gumba |The White Monastery |Seto Gumba

    Dec 12, 2016 - Travel and Tourism

    Today I am going to write about  "The White Monastery" popularly known as Seto Gumba/White Gumba among the Nepalese.It is a Buddhist monastery of Nepal which is situated at the top of Druk Amitabh Mountain.It is located at Nagarjun municipality of Kathmandu District. It is located outside the…

  6. noimage

    Bird Watching Tour in Nepal

    Sep 23, 2016 - Travel and Tourism

    Nepal is prime destination for bird watching as around nine per cent of world’s total birds are found here. According to a recent study more than 900 species of birds are found in different parts of Nepal. Chitwan National park, Bardia Natioanl Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve are some…

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