Among various adrenaline whitewater rafting, Bhote Koshi is the popular among rafts, kayak and canyoning. The destination is gaining popularity all over the world in past couple of years. Many guests visit Nepal just to experience rafting in Bhote Koshi.

It is challenging, thrilling and exciting river trip of short duration. It is technical rafting as the river is steep. The river crushes with a gradient of 80 feet per mile. It means that it is eight times steeper than Sunkoshi River.

Regulus recommends Bhote Koshi Rafting for intense and thrilling trip in short duration. This river originated in the glaciers of Tibet. On the basis of complex drops and rapids the river is divided into three parts upper, middle and lower.

Nepal is well accepted country in the arena of water sports especially, rafting and kayaking. The rivers here are in natural state to serve the purpose of rafting and kayaking. Bhote Koshi is serving the purpose of thousands of tourists every year with its wilderness and beauty. The site is also famous for its typical flora and fauna. You will enjoy the greenery, landscapes and gorges in high speed and bumpy ride. In other words, rafting in Bhote Koshi River is an experience of life time thrill and excitement.

The river Bhote Koshi is situated in northeast of Kathmandu. It is around four hour drive for the capital city. To get the real flavor of Bhote Koshi rafting, Regulus has designed an itinerary of two days. This will truly make you satisfied. You will cover the distance of 25 kilometer in river. The best time for Bhote Koshi rafting is September to December and February to mid-March. Water flow is less at this time in comparison to monsoon. 

But, if you are experienced and professional rafter then you can experience rafting throughout the calendar.

The twist and turns in river make the adventure full of fun. The boulder gardens, waterfalls, and vertical bends are the few obstacles that kayak has to overcome.