Bheri River is also regarded as best fishing destination of Nepal, it is the best river for fishing trip in Nepal. The river origins at Upper Dolpo and it flow down crushing down the Himalayas. It passes through Himalaya, Mahabaharat Range, and Churiya Range and finally flows in the low land of Terai. The river flows dissecting the Bardia National Park.

Regulus provides guided River Fishing trip so that your package be full of fun and excitement. The fishing trip in Bheri River is a blend of rafting. Bheri River Rafting in Nepal is an attractive & thrilling adventure outdoor activity. Rafting in Bheri River is manageable because the rapids in the river are not forceful in comparison to other rivers of Nepal. Rafting in Bheri River is one of the attractive river adventures of Nepal due to the beautiful white sandy beaches for the camping. Regulus Nepal organizes rafting in Bheri River & Bheri River fishing trip, jungle safari in Bardia National Park which will give every visitor a full satisfaction with exciting adventure making the Bheri River fishing trip a life memorable trip.Regulus will provide local tools or instruct methods to catch fish here. You will get a bamboo pole or crude fish trap. The confluence point of Thuli (large) and Sani (small) Bheri at Ramghat is the main fishing spot.

It is reported that around 50 species of fishes are found in Bheri River along with many other aquatic animals. Mahseer is the popular species of fish that you will get here. The fight and hurdle against the fish while catching it is really thrilling and exciting. It is a destination that has been attracting thousands of fishermen from the world here. The both types of Mahseer—golden and silver—are found here. These fishes weigh more than 45 kilograms. Catching mahseer is really a great challenge.

Besides, other species of fishes are also found in Bheri River. Bokar or Katli (Acrossecheilus hexagonolepis) and catfish (Bagorius bagarius) are also prominent here. Trout are common species sighted in Bheri.

The best season for fishing in Bheri River are form February to May and September to November. Regulus does not suggest to pack-bag for fishing trip during monsoon.

For many years Bheri area remained as unexplored area but in decades the site is gaining popularity among international tourists. It is turning as a true destination for any kind of adventures like fishing, rafting, Jungle Safari and a real place to witness Tharu culture.