Fishing in Nepal

Fishing is one of the oldest events of the world. People have been fishing for various purposes since long back. In older days people used to fish for daily livelihood as it was the most and easily available food for the human being because people used to live near streams, rivers, lakes or sea then.

The mode of fishing underwent several changes in modern days. People enjoy fishing as their hobby and are serving as an alternative of hunting to some extent as it (hunting) turned out to be illegal in almost every country.Like hunting sport fishing in Nepal is not well advertised but it is attainable & beneficial.

Nepal is one of the best destinations for fishing as it is second largest country in the world in water resources. There are numerous rivers, lakes and streams in Nepal where you will get different species of fish from large to small.

Karnali, Bheir, Tamur, Trishuli, Koshi, Indrawati, Betrawati among others are some of the popular rivers of Nepal where tourist can enjoy their fishing trip. As per the study, it is reported that more than 185 species of fishes are found in Nepal of which trout, catfish, Murrei, rainbow trout, common trout, Golden Mahseer and crap are the popular ones.

Like Tour and Trek, Regulus has designed best season for fishing in Nepal though fishing in Nepal can be done through out the year and they are: February to May and September to November. Among various fishing sports Karnali is regarded as best destination for the event. More than 20 species of fish are found here of which Golden Mahseer is the most popular one. The Golden Mahseer (Barbus tor putitora), was once found in high numbers ranging from Afganistan in the west, through India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Burma (Myanmar). The fishing method for Golden Mahseer is quite like fishing for Steelhead or the Salmon, where one is fishing the swing or the drift. 

Continuous flowing fresh water system in Nepal makes this country best place for fishing rainbow-trout. It is common species of fish that is much preferred in Nepal. There are many farmers in Nepal who these days are relying in trout agriculture.

Furthermore, Regulus designed Fishing Trips in Nepal are of various types ranging from a day Fishing Trip to multi-days Fishing Trip. Fishing destination near Kathmandu Valley or Kathmandu can be of a day Fishing Trip whereas away from Kathmandu Valley are categorized under multi-days Fishing Trip.


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