• Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu

    Welcome to Nepal! Upon your arrival in Kathmandu Regulus Treks & Expedition receives you at Tribhunvan International Airport and drive you to hotel. If your arrival is at appropriate time then you can enjoy leisurely walk in the streets of Thamel. It is a prime destination for foreigners. It is said that Kathmandu visit is incomplete without strolling in this part of the city. Overnight in a hotel.

    • Day 2 Kathmandu sightseeing

      The second day of your arrival starts our trip mission. Today you visit Kathmandu, also known as city of temples with our guide. Basically there are four major touring sites in Kathmandu. They are: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, Swoyambhunath Stupa and and Bouddhanath Stupa. And the main part is these all four sites are listed in World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will be introduced to your guide by Regulus. You can have good conversation with him regarding the upcoming trip. You can enjoy the night life of Thamel which completely depends on your wish. Overnight in Thamel.

      • Day 3 Fly to Tumlingtar/Drive to Chichira

        After breakfast we head towards Tribhuvan International Airport from where we catch flight to Tumlingtar. It is around an hour flight. Here we meet rest of the crew members who will assist us throughout our trekking days. From here we drive to Chichira. It is a small village inhabited by Gurung people. We put off at Chichira.

        • Day 4 Chichira to Num

          It is around seven hours trekking today. We start trekking after breakfast. We follow easy course enjoying lush green vegetation and snowcapped peaks. Finally, we arrive at Num where we will spend night.

          • Day 5 Num to Seduwa

            We follow descend walk crossing forest and terraced farm lands. The trail takes us to Barun River. Ascend trail begins no sooner we cross the river. After arriving at Makalu Barun National Park we register our trekking permit which we have obtained earlier. We set camp at a village in Seduwa where we will spend night.

            • Day 6 Seduwa to Tashigaon

              We walk in between ridge which is bordered by Ipsuwa Khola (River) on west and Kasuwa Khola on east. We pass through loose settlements before reaching Tashigaon. Mountain vistas surround you at Tashigaon where you will halt for a night. 

              • Day 7 Tashigaon to Khongma Danda

                It is a tough walk of around seven hours as you have to ascend today. We pass through forests followed by stream and ridge. The trail becomes steeper from here. We pass kharka (grazing area). Following rough stone stairs and passing small lakes we ascend to arrive at the top of the ridge. Khongma Dada is near from here where we put off at night.

                • Day 8 Acclimatization

                  Tomorrow we will be gaining more elevation so to adapt with it (altitude) we will take rest today so that our body can adjust with increasing altitude. You can explore local area today and enjoy Limbu or Rai culture.

                  • Day 9 Khongma Danda to Dobate

                    Today we will be climbing summit of Shipton La Pass. It takes couple of hours to arrive here from Khongma Dada. We arrive at Keke aftercrossing Kalo Pokhari (lake). From here you get majestic view of Chamlang Peak 6 and Peak 7. Wecross Keke La Pass and descend to reach Dobate where we put off at night. 

                    • Day 10 Dobate to Yangri Kharka

                      We pass through rhododendron forests and arrive at a valley. Initial couple of hours of the trail is steep so carefulness is essential. We arrive at Yangri Kharka where we will halt at night.

                      • Day 11 Yangri Kharka to Langmale Kharka

                        We pass through grazing lands, green hills and boulder fields to arrive at Merek. Himalayas appear gradually one after another ahead of us. We spend night at Langmale Kharka.

                        • Day 12 Langmale Kharka to Makalu Base Camp

                          After breakfast we head towards Shershong and further walk will take us to Makalu Base Camp. It is a flat trail with icy path. Mount Makalu appears gradually from Shershong. As you arrive at Base Camp you will immerse in the beauty of site. We will stay overnight in Makalu Base Camp.

                          • Day 13 Explore Makalu Base Camp

                            The Base Camp appears like desert. Barun glacier lies beyond it (Base Camp). South face of Makalu is clearly seen from here. You also see Mount Everest and Lhotse. The lakes, glaciers and panoramic views of mountains will please you. We will stay overnight at Base Camp. 

                            • Day 14 Makalu Base Camp to Yangri Kharka

                              We get back towards Yangri Kharka. We give last glimpse of Makalu. We pass through Shershong, Langmale Kharka, Merek and descend down the valley finally stopping at Yangri Kharka.

                              • Day 15 Yangri Kharka to Dobate

                                We pass through valley and green forests to arrive at Dobate. It is a descend trail along the bank of Barun River to reach Dobate where we will stop at night.

                                • Day 16 Dobate to Khongma Danda

                                  It is a steep climb till Mumbuk. We pass through fir and rhododendrons forests. En route we cross Keke La, Tutu La (Shipton’s Pass) and Kauma. To arrive at Khongma Dada we descend. Here we halt at night.

                                  • Day 17 Khongma Danda to Tashigaon

                                    It is steep descend walk passing through hillsides. We pass dense forest and arrive at Sherpa village—Tashigaon. Here we spend night.

                                    • Day 18 Tashigaon to Seduwa

                                      We exit Makalu Barun Natioanl Park. We descend to reach at Barun River. On the way we pass through several villages and arrive at Seduwa where we will stay overnight.

                                      • Day 19 Seduwa to Num

                                        Passing through lush green vegetation wearrive at Num. we follow ups and down to arrive at Sherpa village—Num where we will stop to spend night.

                                        • Day 20 Num to Tumlingtar

                                          We move towards Chichira. From Chichira we get last glimpse of Makalu Mountain. We arrive at Tumlingtar where we will halt at night. 

                                          • Day 21 Tumlingtar to Kathmandu

                                            After breakfast we head towards airport to catch flight to Kathmandu. It is around an hour flight. In Kathmandu you get time to roam around Thamel and purchase gifts for friends and family. Regulus will offer farewell dinner tonight. We will stay overnight in a hotel.

                                            • Day 22 Final departure

                                              Your trekking ends here today. We will drop you at Airport three hours earlier to schedule flight. We are thankful to you as you gave us opportunity to serve. See you soon!