Upper Mustang - mesmerizing land, beautiful people

  • Upper Mustang - mesmerizing land, beautiful people

    Edgar Mitchell Liman, United States

    Rating: July 21, 2016

    It’s been more than two months since I went to Upper Mustang but the memory of the place is as fresh today. My trip was arranged for by Regulus Treks. Mr. Madan Bhandari, the owner, was exceptionally patient to answer all my queries and clear all my doubts. One nice talk with him and I knew I could trust this guy. I wasn’t disappointed as Regulus provided our group with some of the best guides and the most reasonable of price.

    I had heard quite a bit about Mustang from some friends who had already been to the place. I was quite lucky to be trekking with a group that consisted of people from as diverse place as Hungary, Germany, France and Norway. Mustang is known for its famed desert like mountainous topography, Muktinath temple, its unique religion and culture. You barely see any people along the way; the place is so sparsely populated. The views will simply blow your mind and the few people you meet during the trek will give you some of the most genuine smiles. Even after a couple of months, I remember the trails and the people of this mysterious place like I was there yesterday.

    A definite must go for any enthusiastic trekker!

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