Dolpo Region Trekking

  • Dolpo Region Trekking

    Ryan Zimmerman, United States

    Rating: August 02, 2016

    Located far away from the bustling capital city of Kathmandu, Dolpo Region is remote even for a remote country like Nepal. During the last decade, I have grown quite fond of Nepal and have been there on three different occasions. Only on my last visit I ventured to the wild west of Nepal. My trip was arranged for by Regulus Treks and Expeditions who hooked me up with a wonderful group of fellow trekkers from the Netherlands and Germany.

    A bit of acclimatizing may be required for beginners. The terrain is not that difficult to negotiate. However, you will get plenty of thrills as you walk along the beautiful landscapes while always being accompanied by friendly guides, beautiful mountains and, vegetation and animals of all kinds. No matter which route you follow, do not miss the stunning Phoksundo Lake which provided a welcome relief where our group took rest for almost half a day.

    Regulus Treks provided me with a more than decent Dolpo Region Trekking offer and the service they delivered was super. If you haven’t decided on a trekking company yet then you can just throw an email to the guys at Regulus. They always promptly replied to my emails.

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