• Jun 13, 2019
  • Rubi Bhandari
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Jungle walking tour in Nepal gives you a typical view of jungles of Nepal and its surrounding along with the introduction of local lifestyles.

Chitwan National Park is one of the best national parks of the country. Tourists here acquaint with local life, cultures and the animals and birds. The Jungle Walking Tour is full of excitement and amusement.

Tourists visit Tahru villages while on this tour. Tharu are the ethnic group of Nepal who also regard themselves as jungle people. They have unique lifestyle that does not match with other Nepali people. They believe that their god lives in jungle and before entering the jungle they pay homage to their god.

Tharu people have distinct culture of tattooing. Tourists can see different types of tattoo in their hand and legs. They have their own music, dance and art. Their musical instrument resembles the nomadic life. Similarly, they rely in agriculture for their daily livelihood.

Jungle Walk Tour will also show you different species of birds. There are more than 500 species of birds found in the jungle of Chitwan. To derive actual satisfaction and information about birds in Chitwan,Regulus provides experienced nature guides. Early morning is best time to watch birds. The bank of Rapti River is right place to watch these birds.

Among various birds, black-chinned yuhina, a pair of Gould's sunbird, a pair of blossom-headed parakeet and one slaty-breasted rail are uncommon migratory birds of Chitwan.

During autumn greater spotted eagle, eastern imperial eagle and Pallas's fish-eagle migrate to Chitwan from northern hemisphere. Birds like brahminy ducks and goosanders along with bar-headed geese halt here for a few days in normally in the month of February.

Similarly, endangered birds like Bengal florican, adjutant, grey-crowned prinia, swamp francolin and several endangered species of grass warblers are also sighted in the park.